Jennifer Kroeker, LCMFT, Registered Play Therapist

Jennifer Kroeker, marriage & family therapist and registered play therapist

Jennifer feels privileged to work with children, adults, families and couples as they struggle to overcome difficulties in life and to make lasting change. She believes that all of her clients are amazing individuals with their own strengths and unique stories to tell. Her job is to help her clients feel heard and accepted for who they are, and to empower them to use their strengths to accomplish their goals. She is affirming of all persons, regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity. She offers a trauma-focused and strengths-based approach, and works with people of all ages. She is specially trained to work with children and is a Registered Play Therapist. Change is hard and many people in our culture view asking for help as a weakness. Jennifer believes that her clients are anything but weak, and feels privileged to walk beside them as they make the difficult but worthwhile journey towards lasting change.