Anxiety Disorder Treatment in Wichita

What is Anxiety and Avoidance?

Depending on the case, anxiety and avoidance can be direct consequences of one another. Anxiety presents itself with occasional or constant thoughts of worry and fear. Many people experience some anxiety from time to time. It’s a part of life. If a person frequently exhibits intense symptoms of anxiety, they likely have an anxiety disorder and would benefit from seeking treatment from an anxiety therapist. Contact us for an appointment.

Anxiety attacks can last from seconds to minutes, with spontaneous feelings of extreme fear, terror, and worry. These feelings interrupt daily life and can cause noticeable changes in behavior. One of these behavioral changes is avoidance. Many will choose to avoid places, situations, and people in order to prevent feelings of anxiety.

What Are Common Symptoms of Anxiety?

  • Feeling nervous, restless or tense
  • Having a sense of impending danger, panic or doom
  • Having an increased heart rate
  • Rapid breathing (hyperventilation)
  • Sweating
  • Trembling
  • Feeling tired or faint
  • Trouble concentrating or problem-solving
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Gastrointestinal (GI) problems
  • Having difficulty controlling worry
  • Having the desire to avoid or consistently avoiding places, situations, or people

What Are Signs of Avoidance?

  • Low self-esteem and self-worth
  • A tendency to hide in the background of social situations
  • An inability to form stable relationships with non-family members
  • Being easily hurt by any form of criticism
  • Fear of public speech
  • No desire to try new things or partake in new activities
  • Feelings of discomfort in group collaboration
  • Focusing in on negative feelings and experiences
  • A fear of rejection
  • Fear of meeting new people and making friends
  • Obsessively dwelling on criticism and rejection

How is Anxiety and Avoidance defined?

The diagnostic criteria for anxiety states that a person must experience at least 4 of the anxiety symptoms mentioned above for a period of at least 6 months. This is accompanied by changes in behavior, social involvement, and performance at work or school.

Avoidance can be recognized as a consequence of an anxiety disorder, or in extreme and persistent circumstances diagnosed as an Avoidant Personality Disorder. This disorder diagnosis is based on the patient’s history, direct behavioral observation, and more in-depth assessments performed by a licensed psychologist.

Common Treatments for Anxiety

Treatments for anxiety and avoidance fall into different categories based on how extreme the diagnosis is: lifestyle and home remedies, coping skills and support, therapy, and medical attention.

Changes in lifestyle and home remedies are always the first option for mild diagnoses. Small changes like staying more physically active, getting on a sleep schedule, and healthy eating can make a difference in the well being of someone struggling with mild, occasional anxiety. In order to overcome anxiety and avoidance, it is also important to learn coping mechanisms and have a stable line of support. SOMA Therapy in Wichita, KS offers medication for anxiety, counseling, and other mental health services. Family, friends, or online resources are typically not enough to completely recover from moderate and severe periods of anxiety.

Call or contact our administrative team today, and they can help to connect you with SOMA’s therapy and medication resources or refer you to a mental health professional or a behavioral medicine specialist in our community.

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Therapy Center Wichita KS

SOMA Therapy a therapy center in Wichita, KS. We provide professional therapy and counseling for your mental health needs. We work with adults, children, couples, and families. No matter what you or your loved one is struggling with, we got your back in Wichita, KS.

Behavioral Health Wichita KS

Your behavioral health in Wichita KS is the top priority of SOMA Therapy. Our anxiety therapists, counselors, and nurse practitioners specializing in medication management all work together to ensure you receive the necessary treatment for your behavioral concerns. If you are looking for a depression support group in Wichita, KS or a Wichita therapy center, visit our website for our list of services and providers. 

Psychiatrist in Wichita KS

If you’re looking for a Psychiatrist in Wichita KS, our therapy center also offers treatment for psychosis related disorders. Jenny Voth is our licensed psychotherapist in Wichita, KS. She has 18 years of work experience. She works to treat substance abuse, trauma and heal families. Not only is she active in her therapeutic work, she also brings her Christian background to the work she does. She your best choice for a Christian therapist in Wichita, KS.

LaVetta Jarett is our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. She has over 10 years of expertise in mood disorders (depression, bipolar), anxiety, PTSD, personality disorders, cultural stressors, and clients in crisis. She also specializes in helping with medication management for those struggling with substance abuse.

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