Christian Counseling & Spiritual Therapy

What is Christian & Spiritual Counseling?

Many people who are dealing with mental health struggles feel like they have nowhere to turn. They’re looking for someone who can listen to them and provide support, but they also want a christian counselor who will help them explore their spiritual life in ways that make sense to their own beliefs. Unfortunately, there aren’t many resources in Wichita available for those seeking out such a combination of care — but there is one: Christian or spiritual counseling.

Christian Counseling in Wichita

Christian counselors in Wichita are trained to provide care for people with a wide range of mental health needs such as anxiety, depression, relationship issues, grief, and spiritual struggles. They are trained in both counseling theory and biblical knowledge. They often use the Bible and other religious texts as tools in their work with clients because they believe it helps individuals find wholeness and freedom.

Christian counselors understand that their faith is not always easy for everyone to accept or understand. However, they hope through their training they will be able to demonstrate how their faith can help someone else seek out peace from God during difficult times in life.

Christian counseling also involves psychoanalysis to understand the underlying psychological causes behind mental health disorders. Psychoanalysis is a way to explore the unconscious mind, which holds all of your past experiences, thoughts and feelings. You can learn about these unconscious processes through analysis with a Christian counselor who specializes in this form of therapy.

Psychoanalysis can uncover childhood experiences that may be affecting your adult life, such as traumatic events or messages from parents that were not helpful for you. This will help you better understand how your past affects your present so that you can work towards healing and finding peace in life through God’s love for you!

A Christian counselor is not just a minister who helps people with their problems

A Christian counselor in Wichita is not just a minister who helps people with their problems. They are trained professionals who have a degree in psychology or related field, and they have clinical training and experience working with patients through the use of different therapeutic tools and interventions. A Christian counselor may be a licensed psychologist, licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), or certified marriage and family therapist (CMFT).

A minister is someone who leads a congregation as part of their ministry duties. Ministers can be ordained by many denominations on the basis of meeting certain requirements that vary based on denomination but typically include an undergraduate degree followed by seminary study at an accredited institution. Ministers might also hold credentials such as pastoral counseling credentialing program (PCCP) or certificate in spiritual direction through one of several approved programs (see below).

A trained Christian counselor uses their professional expertise to help clients examine their lives in a way that honors their religious beliefs and practices.

Christian counseling is a legitimate and respected profession. Licensed Christian counselors have been trained to help clients examine their lives in a way that honors their religious beliefs and practices. Because these counselors are licensed, they have met specific educational requirements set forth by the state where they practice. The purpose of this training is to equip them with the skills necessary for effective counseling, including strategies such as behavioral analysis, goal setting and problem solving.

Christian counseling is based on the Bible; however it does not require a particular theological viewpoint or denomination in order for someone to become a Christian counselor. Although all Christians believe that God can heal afflictions of the mind as well as physical illness (see James 5:14-15), there are many different viewpoints regarding how God accomplishes this healing process within individuals who seek help from trained professionals such as pastors/clergy or Christian counselors/therapists who are not employed by churches but instead work independently at private practices around town–just like other traditional therapists do!

Spiritual Therapy in Wichita

Spiritual counseling in Wichita is a way of helping people work through their spiritual questions and issues. It’s different from other types of counseling because it involves a deep understanding of how you see the world and how your spirituality plays into that. You should never feel pressured to change your beliefs or to “fix” something that isn’t broken just because someone else tells you it needs fixing. Instead, this type of counseling focuses on exploring what’s going on for you at that moment and learning ways to cope with whatever challenges life throws at us as individuals.

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual counseling is a form of psychotherapy that helps people explore their spiritual experience and beliefs. It often involves members of the clergy, such as ministers or rabbis, but anyone who offers this type of therapy can be called a spiritual counselor.

A person may seek out spiritual counseling for many different reasons: they may be struggling with their faith; they may be questioning it; they might simply want to talk about religion in general with someone who has experience and expertise in this area.

Spiritual counselors are trained to help people work through these issues and learn more about themselves spiritually—something that many people find invaluable to their lives.

Existential Counseling

Existentialism is a philosophy that focuses on the individual, their freedom and choice. It’s also a response to the problems of human existence.

Existential counseling is a philosophical approach to counseling that helps people face their own issues and problems head-on. This type of counseling can be useful for many different types of people: those who are looking for motivation or inspiration; those who need someone to talk to about life difficulties; or those who feel lost in their lives, but don’t know where else to turn.

Spiritual Trauma

Spiritual trauma is a wounding of the soul. Spiritual wounds can be caused by loss of faith, loss of community or religious trauma. Others may experience an existential crisis where they question their purpose in life and lose hope. Some people suffer from existential depression, which means they feel a deep sadness that comes from not understanding why they are here on earth and what will happen after they die.

Religious Trauma

Religious trauma is a term used to describe psychological trauma that results from negative religious experiences. It can result from a number of factors including:

  • Negative religious experience—including a loss of faith or questioning one’s faith
  • Negative religious teachings—such as being taught that people who are not like you or do not share your beliefs are bad or evil and will go to hell for eternity, for example, Catholics learning about Limbo in catechism class. This can cause confusion about one’s self-worth and identity because there seems to be no place for them in this world if they do not accept Jesus Christ as their savior. This type of teaching may also lead them to believe there is nothing good inside them either (even though this has been proven false by scientists).
  • Negative religious community—such as feeling rejected or judged by members of the congregation when they try new things (like playing sports) because they think it’s “worldly” instead of godly; feeling alone because everyone else around you shares similar beliefs but doesn’t understand yours; etcetera…

Counseling for loss of faith, questioning faith, surviving spiritual trauma and religious trauma

Soma Therapy also has spirtial therapists who can help people who:

  • are questioning their faith, or have lost it.
  • are struggling with religious trauma or spiritual trauma.

Meet with a Christian or spiritual therapist

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