What is Teletherapy?

Teletherapy is an innovative way to get high-quality remote mental health services. It can be especially useful for people who live in rural areas, have transportation issues, or are otherwise unable to access therapy. Teletherapy is also a great option if you’re interested in working with a therapist but don’t want to make the initial commitment required by face-to-face sessions. It can be used for both individual and group therapy, and it’s also called online therapy, virtual therapy and online counseling.

Is Teletherapy Secure?

Teletherapy is a safe and secure way to receive therapy. Soma Therapy’s online platform is HIPAA compliant, which means that the therapist cannot share any of your information and has additional security and privacy features for video therapy and psychiatric medication sessions.

Is Online Therapy Right for Me?

Online therapy can be a great option for many people. For those who have trouble getting to a therapist’s office, have medical conditions or disabilities that prevent them from going in-person, or are not comfortable with face-to-face treatment, online therapy may be the best choice for you. As long as you understand its limitations and know what to expect from an online therapist, it can be an effective way of managing your symptoms and improving your life.

Telehealth is one more way that people can get high-quality therapeutic mental health services. Teletherapy is a way to get help from a professional therapist without having to leave your home or office. Teletherapy allows you to have access to therapy at home or other secure places, which could provide more options for those with busy schedules, who are unable to travel, or the reasons mentioned above.

Schedule Teletherapy in Wichita Today

Telehealth is a great alternative to in-person therapy or psychiatric medication management to get the help you need. It’s convenient, easy to use, and can be done from anywhere with an internet connection. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed or just need someone to talk to and can’t make in-person sessions work, consider trying teletherapy today! Contact SOMA Therapy.