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What is a “collaborative” mental health group practice?

SOMA Therapy is a group of practitioners (therapists, psychologists, medication management, nutritionists) that work together to help each other grow, create a supportive environment to work in, and provide collaborative, ethical care to clients.

Each member of our team has been purposefully invited and joined because they have a “whole person” approach in treating a client and value trauma-informed therapy and learning the latest, research-based therapies.

Common Issues Therapists & Providers Face in Private Practice

  • Do you at times feel isolated at work or that you and your colleagues are “passing ships in the night”?
  • Have you wanted to try private practice but felt overwhelmed with the “business/insurance” side of things?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed with the idea of networking to build your practice?
  • Do you find understanding marketing and insurance time-consuming and costly?
  • Do you have limited opportunities for peer consultation?
  • Are you too busy or uninterested in dealing with insurance companies, billing, secondaries, or complex insurance plans?

Most clinicians have difficulty managing the business aspects of being in private practice and maintaining a connection with peers that facilitates support and growth. SOMA provides support in the these areas so you can focus on the clients you serve while building a thriving practice.

Meeting your Connection Needs

  • We meet twice a month to provide peer consultation, learning opportunities with other service providers in the community and connection.
  • We provide a sense of belonging by surrounding you with like-minded individuals that also have the desire to connect and support one another.
  • We reduce the emotional toll this profession can have on you by providing you with a supportive environment.
  • We take care of time-consuming and difficult business tasks like ordering supplies, maintaining the office building, bills, billing, credentialing, calling insurance companies, faxing, calls, marketing, and more so that you gain the peace of mind knowing you are taken care of.
  • We provide opportunities for connection and relationship through gatherings in and outside the office like holiday events, CEU opportunities, and celebrating special life events with each other and just creating community!
  • We have an open-door policy that allows you to ask for help when you need it. This can be professionally or personally. We are about creating a safe space, pouring into one another and seeing all of us grow!

Meeting Your Business Needs

  • We provide marketing and both an external and internal networking system to help pair you with the best fit in clients (diverse, motivated, and rewarding).
  • Your profile and services will be listed and highlighted on a high- quality website with built in SEO.
  • We schedule and coordinate client care so that you can focus on what you love: practicing in your areas of expertise.
  • We provide full-service group practice which includes an administrative and billing team that takes care of all of your professional needs, including but not limited to: credentialing, scheduling, marketing, billing, ROIs, faxing, and essential business needs.
  • Highly competitive compensation


We offer a percentage that is very competitive.

If you or someone you know is a clinician or provider (nutritionist, psychiatrist, physical therapist, yoga instructor) who is passionate about treating trauma or mental health, we encourage you to reach out. For more information or to schedule a time to see the space, please send an email to

Provider Testimonials

“I’m very happy to be here! My schedule filled up surprisingly fast. I love having the freedom of being an independent clinician while also feeling like part of a team.”

Samantha Rose, LSCSW

“I was drawn to SOMA because we have so much to offer clients, including more than 30 therapists who offer a multitude of therapeutic modalities and theoretical specialities. The therapists at SOMA have a variety of different licensing specialties, including professional counselors, addiction counselors, marriage and family therapists, social workers, psychotherapists, and psychologists, and we regularly meet, support, and share our knowledge with each other.  We have a remarkably talented, knowledgeable and supportive admin team who masterfully take care of administrative tasks such as billing, insurance appeals, and scheduling, which allows therapists to focus more on client care. I would also like to add that when I moved my practice to SOMA, my clients immediately noticed the positive vibe and supportive environment here as compared to my previous office. I am incredibly grateful to share space with such a talented, supportive, and positive group of professionals!”

Michelle Roberson, LPC

“One thing that I really enjoy about SOMA is the connections we get to build here and with my coworkers. They help not only during work related things, but also on a personal level.”

Jaqueline Lopez, LMFT

“I absolutely love how even though it is private practice it feels like a team and everyone is willing to help out with a client if they have more experience in that area.”

Jerry Rose, LPC

“I am SO EXCITED to come to work everyday which is not something that I’ve experienced in any other workplace. I love and appreciate my admin team supporting me each day so I only have to do the “fun stuff” of seeing my clients and writing notes. I’m literally peaking in this life.”

Ellie Hiland, LCMFT

“I love SOMA’s work culture, in that it is both professional and personal!”

Andria Snow, LPC

“I believe SOMA offers a unique space for people to heal because of our culture of community focus.”

Gina Skinner, LMSW

“I love that Soma has this whole person approach of treating body, mind, and soul. I love our team approach, knowing I have support of my team and my clients can have that support, too. We don’t just offer therapy, we have yoga, med management, learning opportunities,and community outreach. We have a variety of providers with different skill sets, areas of expertise,experience, and modes of treatment meeting people from all walks of life.  I love that we have interns alongside seasoned therapists and those of us in between that to meet a variety of client needs both financially and therapeutically. I love how I have been supported and allowed to grow in my own journey as a therapist by my team here at Soma. We are very much a team, a family, and that is felt by me every day. To paraphrase one of my favorite professors, I love that they love what I love. It is a joy to come to my office and know that I have this opportunity to be unapologetically me. I don’t have to be everything for everyone and if a client needs something that I don’t have experience in, I have a group of other providers who might fit that need or can help me find a way to meet that need.”

Cissy Stiles, LMFT

“I love the holistic, caring environment that SOMA offers. I have never been in an environment where it feels perfectly comfortable to consult and work with the other providers.”

Sierra Ness, LMFT

“I love the holistic person-centered care, we are a collaborative team. The therapists and medication managers work in collaboration to assist patients with improving their quality of  life. I love the therapists here because they work with the clients so well, embrace holistic healing and recognize that psychiatric medications can be a helpful part of the healing process.”

LaVeta Jarrett, Psychiatric Medication Provider, PMHNP

“I love the team approach to holistic health that we provide at Soma.”

Jeanine Long, LCPC

“I love that SOMA promotes the experience of people working together for a common cause, with different beliefs, strengths, and skills, inclusive of each other despite differences or faults. We are all human and make mistakes. We can offer constructive feedback to help each other grow, all the while remaining on the same team. There isn’t a punitive feel if a mistake is made – everyone is valued, faults and all.”

Angela Theobald, Psychiatric Medication Provider, NP