What is Trauma versus a Traumatic Event?

In today’s #coffeewithatherapist, we are talking all about what differentiates trauma from a traumatic event and cover the following questions about trauma: 1. Why can two people experience the same trauma and only one have PTSD? 2. What is secondary trauma? 3. What determines if a traumatic event will become trauma or PTSD? 4. What […]

Psychiatric Medication Management: What You Need to Know

Managing psychiatric medication can be a challenging and complex process. With so many different medications available and varying individual responses, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the medication being prescribed and how it should be taken. This article will discuss the basics of psychiatric medication management, including medication types, dosages, side effects, […]

Managing Mental Illness: The Benefits of Psychiatric Medication Management

Psychiatric medication management is an important aspect of mental health treatment that involves the use of medication to manage symptoms of mental illness. It is a crucial part of a comprehensive treatment plan that also includes therapy, lifestyle changes, and support from family and friends. There are many different types of psychiatric medications available, each […]

What is Psychiatric Medication Management?

Psychiatric medication management is an essential component of mental health treatment. It involves working with a qualified healthcare provider to find the best medication and dosage to suit an individual’s specific needs. In this blog post, we’ll explore what psychiatric medication management is and why it’s so important. What is Psychiatric Medication Management? Psychiatric medication […]

Understanding Psychiatric Medication Management: What You Need to Know

Psychiatric medication can be an effective tool in managing mental health conditions, but it’s important to understand how medication works and how to manage it properly. In this article, we’ll cover the basics of psychiatric medication management, including what to expect, common medications, and tips for managing your medication effectively. What is Psychiatric Medication Management? […]

Back to School Tips From Your Neighborhood Therapist

The month of September hit off the back to school season for kids, teens, and youth. Whether you’re in school or in college, SOMA Therapy in Wichita, Kansas compiled various pieces of advice to help make your back to school transition smoother. Parents: Listen! It is crucial to listen to your kids so you can […]

Exercising Compassion

Compassion is an ever-growing area of interest within psychology and psychotherapy. Although definitions of compassion vary, there is broad agreement that compassion is comprised of a combination of affective, cognitive, and motivational components. While everyone has, to some degree, a level of compassion, for some it can be beneficial to develop these skills further through […]

Systemic Therapies and Somatic Experiencing

Introduction to Systemic Therapies and SE A lot of people are familiar with cognitive behavioral therapy (most popular types of therapy), but there are other forms of therapy that can also be effective in treating different kinds of issues. One such form is called systemic therapies, and another is somatic experiencing (SE). Let’s look at […]