Covid Anxiety Syndrome

As the pandemic began to intensify and spread, many people were on high alert, experiencing emotions of fear and worry over the impact of the virus- also known as the covid anxiety syndrome. Eventually people were hit with changes such as restricted travel, lockdowns, mask mandates, and physical distancing protocols. Society had a “new normal” and an unfamiliar routine of living. This was a sudden disruption in many people’s lives and mimicked how disaster situations affect the brain. This has extensive consequences on mental health. Statistics show that many people are suffering with symptoms of PTSD, anxiety and depression due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

What is Covid anxiety syndrome?

COVID-19 anxiety syndrome displays as the inability to leave the house due to fears of COVID-19, frequent checking for symptoms despite not being in a high-risk scenario, and avoiding social situations or people. People also experience increased post-traumatic stress, general stress, health anxiety, and suicidal ideation. 

How to cope with Covid anxiety? 

It is suggested that actively seeking out positive messages about improvements in the pandemic can help relieve the stress and built up fear. Individuals suffering from Covid anxiety should also step outside their comfort zones at their own pace to safely ease back into society. It is also helpful to stay mindful of social media and news reports that could trigger anxiety. Individuals should limit exposure to media to avoid triggers. 

When should I call your office?

If you or your loved ones have concerns with Covid anxiety, you can work with a specialist. At Soma Therapy, we can help! Call 316-201-6047 or fill out our contact form to get help & learn more about Covid anxiety resources today. We also often provide referrals in-town if we cannot connect you with the right resources within Soma Therapy. 

What type of COVID anxiety treatments does SOMA offer?

Some mental health disorders include mental health medication management in their treatment plans. Psychiatric medication management assumes a combination of therapy and counseling with a prescribed medication plan.

A licensed psychiatrist or a psychiatric mental health nurse can prescribe psychiatric medication for your diagnosis. Medications used to treat depression can have a different effect on every patient. Psychiatric medication providers at SOMA will professionally guide you in your treatment plan so that you feel comfortable and at ease the entire time.

Clients who receive treatment for mental health diagnoses, like depression, often also have symptoms of anxiety, stress, or trauma. Medication management alone will not resolve these concerns. If they go untreated for a long period of time, it may result in serious psychological and/or physical illnesses. To avoid this outcome, it is important to receive therapy and counseling during your medication treatment plan. 

Behavioral Health Wichita KS

Your behavioral health in Wichita KS is the top priority of SOMA Therapy. Our therapists, counselors, and nurse practitioners specializing in medication management all work together to ensure you receive the necessary treatment for your behavioral concerns. If you are looking for a depression support group in Wichita, KS or a Wichita therapy center, visit our website for our list of services and providers. 

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