Intensive Outpatient Programs

If you are struggling with an eating disorder or mental health disorders (including anxiety and mood disorders), finding the right level of care can make all the difference in your healing and recovery. At Soma Therapy, we offer multiple intensive outpatient programs for adults (18+ years old), providing structured help without twenty-four-hour supervision and providing step-down care that prevents future inpatient hospitalization.

What is an intensive outpatient program?

An intensive outpatient program, IOP, is a form of outpatient treatment that is just as effective as residential treatment but gives you much more flexibility in terms of continuing with other responsibilities.

With an IOP, you visit our Wichita intensive outpatient program during the late afternoon for your services 3 days a week but return home in the evening. This gives you more freedom to live independently, practice what you’ve acquired during your sessions with your family and friends in the evenings, and gain actionable feedback when you return to our Wichita IOP program for your next set of services.

Schedule & A Typical Day for IOP

Our IOP programs last twelve weeks. Each week you get to participate in one individual counseling session. In addition, you will receive nine hours of group therapy per week and medication management appointments as needed. 

You will meet at our Central or College Hill office on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during our IOP treatment program. We begin at 3:30 pm and end at 6:30 pm. You’ll also participate in our ketamine-assisted group therapy work that has been transformative for clients who qualify. We will discuss the program group options during your intake session to ensure that IOP at Soma Therapy is a good fit for you and ensure you are in the right program of care.

Many people suffering from eating disorders, severe or chronic mood disorders, feelings of hopelessness, and personality disorders can benefit from IOP services.

At Soma Therapy we serve Wichita and the surrounding areas (Andover, Derby, Newton, Hutchinson and more), and you can pick from two adult IOP options: An adult mental health intensive outpatient program central Wichita-based or an Adult eating disorder intensive outpatient program College Hill/Central Wichita based.

ProgramLength of StayFrequencyTherapies Best For
Adult Mental Health IOP12 weeksThree days per weekIndividual therapy
Group therapy
Narrative Therapy
Yoga or body-based
Ketamine assisted group therapy
Anxiety disorders
Bipolar disorder
Personality disorders
Complex Trauma & Attachment Trauma
Adult Eating Disorder IOP12
Three days per weekIndividual therapy
Group therapy
Narrative Therapy
Yoga or body-based
Ketamine-assisted group therapy
Anorexia Nervosa
Binge Eating Disorder
Bulimia Nervosa
Disordered eating
Severe body dysmorphia

Cost of Treatment

Many people believe treatment is outside their budget, but they fail to appreciate how health insurance can make the cost much more affordable. Intensive outpatient programs not only give you more freedom and a better schedule, but they are more affordable than comparative residential programs and many people can continue a traditional work schedule to not disrupt their income. When you get connected with our IOP admission team (, we can help you review the cost of the most appropriate treatment plan for your situation. 

Many of our clients use insurance to cover the cost of our intensive outpatient services. For those without insurance, we have numerous financing plans that make self-pay a viable option and long-term payment plans. Self-pay is $150 per day 3 days a week plus any costs of individual therapy weekly (this can vary but is often covered by insurance plans). Investing in care now can often prevent the costly both personal and financial expenses of continued struggles with mental health without relief and potential future hospitalizations.

We can go over the details of your insurance policy, what types of care are covered, and what you can expect to pay out of pocket once we complete coverage verification. For the remaining balance, we can go over what alternative payment methods are available to you. Moreover, we provide financial assistance in the form of scholarships for families in need.

Fill out this form so we can verify your insurance benefits and find a program that works.

You can also verify your insurance coverage by calling your insurance or by contacting us at

Our IOP programs are currently in-network with BCBS plans including BlueCross BlueShield of Kansas. We also work on attaining single case agreements when possible for Medicaid plans and other commercial insurances.

Get help now

Soma Therapy’s Intensive Outpatient Programs at Soma Therapy in Wichita, Kansas is designed to provide comprehensive mental health care services to individuals with psychiatric and co-occurring disorders. Special note: we are not a substance abuse program; if we determine that substance abuse or misuse is your primary diagnosis and concern, we are happy to refer you to programs that better serve your needs.

Our IOP program provides a structured environment that includes group sessions, medication management, weekly therapy sessions, and holistic wellness activities to promote physical and emotional well-being. With experienced staff and evidence-based treatments, clients receive personalized care that aligns with their unique needs and goals. Additionally, our IOP program facilitates a smooth transition from inpatient care to outpatient care, ensuring that patients receive continued care and support after completing our program.

Let us help you find the right level of care.

Professionals Referring Clients to Soma Therapy’s IOP

We love working with mental health professionals, inpatient hospitals, and providers that refer their clients to Soma for our Intensive Outpatient Programs. We know that collaboration with providers and members in the community is often a big part of a client’s recovery journey (it truly does take a village). For referring providers, we will work to obtain ROI’s and encourage your clients stay connected with you during their care at Soma Therapy’s IOP

If you have questions about our IOP programs or would like to refer a client or patient, please email us at