Meredith Osborne, Licensed Masters Social Worker

Meredith Osborne, LMSW

With over 3 years of experience working with survivors of trauma, Meredith believes that healing requires a multi-faceted and holistic approach. Meredith earned her Masters in Social Work from Wichita State, and has been teaching yoga for 6 years. 

As a yoga instructor, she has seen how impactful intentional movement and connection with our bodies can be. These experiences have led her to favor a wrap-around method that engages the body as well as the mind. She strives to combine integrative and creative therapy, grounded in a mindful perspective. Meredith makes use of expressive tools such as: yoga, meditation, art, writing/ reading, and unique group experiences. In addition to working with survivors of trauma, Meredith also works with other considerations, including: depression, anxiety, and self-esteem issues, among other relationship issues and mental health concerns. She subscribes to a collaborative approach and loves the thought of therapists and clients walking alongside each other throughout the healing journey. Trauma is complex, and healing looks different for everyone. Meredith knows there is no one-size-fits-all approach to healing and enjoys making use of various tools to discover what works best for each client.