Jenny Voth

Licensed Psychotherapist

Jenny Voth, Licensed Therapist

Jenny Voth, a licensed clinical psychotherapist who has 18 years worth of experience in providing mental health services in our community working to treat substance abuse, trauma and heal families. She believes that each individual in this world has a purpose and strengths that can be used to propel them forward into living a healthy and fulfilling life. Jenny uses motivational interviewing techniques to empower the individual to achieve personal growth. She believes that it is her role to walk with the individual and support them in that journey. 

In her work, Jenny brings specialized trainings on trauma informed care and trauma on the brain. Similarly, she has motivational interviewing techniques as well as human trafficking training.  

Not only is she active in her therapeutic work, she also brings her Christian background to the work she does. In her spare time, Jenny is an avid weight lifter and advocates for integration of the physical, emotional and spiritual.

  • Jenny is credentialed with most insurance companies including but not limited to: BCBS of KS, Aetna, United Healthcare, Tricare, and Medicaid