Amy Speer, Yoga Instructor

Central Office: 825 N Waco Ave, Suite 200, Wichita, KS 67203

Call or Text: 316-201-6047

Our wonderful yoga instructor, Amy Speer, has worked with hundreds of clients over the last 11 years in multiple settings. She’s worked with the YMCA, CrossFit Wichita, CoreStrength Wichita and Hot Asana. To build her yoga practice and skills, she trained with Mary Jane Keith and Renee DeTar.

Amy continues to expand her learning of trauma sensitive yoga with ongoing trainings. She has worked with clients from all walks of life. She helps them listen to their bodies to rehabilitate injuries to create safety within their body. Amy leads innovative yoga classes that connect therapy and yoga. They provide healing for trauma, anxiety, and depression that is stored in the body. Her classes are the only of its kind in Wichita. She will also facilitate one-on-one and group yoga classes. Amy is passionate about helping others heal from the inside-out.

Whether you are looking for a beginner yoga class or looking to join a yoga studio in Wichita, KS – Amy Speer will give you an incomparable yoga experience that will help relieve your soul and soften the body.


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