Brittany Smith, Therapist Student Intern

Brittany has spent the last decade working as a Licensed Bachelor’s Social Worker in non-profits and in child welfare.  Passionate about helping others, she is currently pursuing her Master’s at Newman University. She is a U.S. International Exchange Alumni and has trained non-profits abroad on topics including child welfare, social work, case management and trauma […]

Gina Skinner, Student Therapist Intern

An eager and excited, lifelong learner, Gina works with individuals looking to reconnect to their inner peace and rootedness. A native Kansan who loves traveling, Gina has interacted with a variety of cultures and learned restorative modalities which she has used to find peace and happiness on her own healing journey. Focuses include, life transitions, […]

What is holistic psychiatry therapy? | Soma Wichita

“Holistic” psychiatry is a form of mental health treatment that considers the whole person: body, mind, spirit, and psychology. Holistic psychiatric medication typically uses a combination of conventional, nutritional, and alternative medicine practices to help you restore and prolong your mental and physical health.  Holistic psychiatric medication management seeks to identify the root causes of […]

What’s the difference between a Psychiatrist and Psychologist?

Psychiatrists and Psychologists It is common for people to not know the differences between a psychiatrist and psychologist. It can be confusing even for those who work in the mental health field. Often these professionals work together to treat mental health concerns. Due to it’s popular confusion, we thought it might be helpful to write […]

Medication Manager, Angela Theobald, Joins SOMA Therapy

With a demand in quality psychiatric medication management in the greater Wichita area, Soma is meeting that need by hiring a new medication manager.  With the recent demand for quality psychiatric care and rising mental health concerns spurred by the pandemic, the need for mental health treatment is now more important than ever.  We are […]

Millennials are the Most Depressed Age Group During Pandemic

Millennials are struggling more than other age groups with their mental health during the coronavirus pandemic. As a refresher, this is the age group born between 1981 and 1994/6, ages 25 to 40 years old. According to a 2019 report from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, major depression diagnoses are rising at a faster rate […]

The Dangers of Emotional Constipation

Holding Back Our Emotions For most people, we hold back our emotions. In today’s busy society, it makes sense that we may want to hold back our emotions, ESPECIALLY the ones that are more “shameful” to carry. Emotions such as anger, rage, depressions, grief, disappointment, and anxiety. On the other hand, some people mask the […]

Being Okay with “Good Enough” from a Recovering Perfectionist

Jenny Helms, LCMFT Discusses her Journey as a Recovering Perfectionist You Aren’t Alone, Trust Me Admittedly, I still struggle with accepting “good enough” or being “okay” at things from time-to-time. Noticing patterns of my past, I used to work as hard as I could to be as good as I could at every venture that […]