What is Psychiatric Medication Management Therapy | Soma Wichita

Sometimes when a person is struggling with severe symptoms of mental illness or a mental health disorder, they may need the assistance of medication to aid in their treatment. Leaving these symptoms untreated can be harmful to an individual’s daily functioning and even life threatening when a person attempts to self-medicate or is struggling with self-harm. Seeking medication management can help people lessen the severity of their mental health symptoms so they can function better in their daily lives and bio-chemically be in a place to do more long-term treatments like talk therapy and trauma work. 

How Psychiatric Medication Management Works:

First, you’ll need to find a center like SOMA that has qualified professionals who are licensed and approved to dispense psychotropic medications that treat mental health conditions.

During your first appointment, a psychiatric medication provider will review your medical and psychiatric history as well as your current symptoms to determine what medications might be best to alleviate symptoms. Through regular meetings with your psychiatric medication provider, they can monitor your symptoms, learn more about your specific psychiatric needs and patterns, and adjust medications as necessary. This is to ensure that you receive support long-term that is catered to the inevitable changes in life. Most importantly, we work to help our clients alleviate symptoms so they can live a high quality and meaningful life. We offer flexible booking and holistic services to ensure we treat you as a whole person, and provide the most effective and comprehensive treatments for mental health. 

What’s different about SOMA?

At SOMA, we use “the least amount that works” ensuring that we don’t over-medicate or over-prescribe. We give our clients a thoughtful and minimalist approach to using medication to manage their mental health symptoms. We are also trained in helping clients find alternatives to psychotropics (learn more about holistic medication management here) or learning how to medically wean off of medications (when appropriate) in a medically supervised manner. 

We also believe in the current research that supports utilizing both medication management and other treatment modalities. We know that most mental health conditions require a holistic approach for the best treatment outcomes and support that in our treatment recommendations and resources (i.e. talk therapy, yoga, etc.)  

We also have psychiatric medication providers that are well-versed in substance misuse and offer a judgment-free approach to helping those that struggle with substance misuse or self medication. 

To book an appointment at SOMA today or to learn more about our services, call 316-201-6047 and one of our compassionate team members would be happy to assist you.