What is holistic psychiatric medication management?

“Holistic” psychiatry is a form of mental health treatment that considers the whole person: body, mind, spirit, and psychology. Holistic psychiatric medication typically uses a combination of conventional, nutritional, and alternative medicine practices to help you restore and prolong your mental and physical health. 

Holistic psychiatric medication management seeks to identify the root causes of mental health diagnoses or symptoms. Traditional psychiatric medication management often works to alleviate and treat symptoms, where holistic psychiatric medication management seeks to find what caused them in the first place and resolve those symptoms from their core. 

Typically, holistic psychiatric treatment is highly individualized, treating each person as a unique individual with unique life experiences, needs, context, biochemical needs,  and genetics. Medications may be prescribed in combination with other modalities to treat your unique mental health needs.

What other modalities outside of therapy or medication does SOMA use to treat mental health?

In addition to therapy and medication management, SOMA offers several modalities to optimize your mental health and well-being:

  • Trauma-informed yoga and yoga-based therapy to help you calm your nervous system, release, and identify where mental health is stored in your body
  • Nutritional counseling to also treat the biochemical components of mental health symptoms (i.e. blood sugar regulation for symptoms of decreased energy and mood)
  • Groups to help provide social support and resources that help decrease symptoms of isolation and provide education, skills, and support in various mental health areas (grief group, teen anxiety group, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy)

Overall, it is important to determine which types of services an individual or family needs when working to treat and improve one’s mental health. If you are uncertain about which mental health professional or treatment can best serve your needs, call SOMA at 316-201-6047 and one of our compassionate team members would be happy to educate and assist you with recommendations or resources (both at SOMA and in our local Wichita community). 

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