Embracing Failure to Succeed

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As we begin our week, may we be brave enough to remind ourselves that embracing failures is a necessary part of our journey to success.

In the past, I have tried to avoid failures at all costs, thinking that if I failed at something the pain of my often self-inflicted shame would consume me. Much worse, I’ve also done the thing where I convince myself that I’m NOT failing even when I totally am… just sending myself down the rabbit hole of believing that if I try hard enough, success will happen … when in reality, I needed to be able to shake my pride, get curious about what wasn’t working, and know that the discomfort of trying something different would eventually fade. In this journey with you, I know that I will probably fail – time and again… but this time, I am going to embrace it as much as I can. Knowing that the message and feelings behind this vision are true, are from a place of love, and that I will commit to being okay with failing so that you can get the most out of this process.

I encourage you to be okay with your failures in implementing the changes and challenges we will tell you about. Experiment. See what works. Be real about what doesn’t. Although I wish all of our wisdom was spot on for EVERY person, the road to transforming your relationship with food is very personal, very bumpy, and can feel like you are just failing at life at times. Embrace that. Know that you will slowly get better at holding discomfort, uncertainty, and de-personalizing every failure that you encounter along the way.

With love and encouragement, Jenny

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