Soma at Girls on The Run 5k

Soma booth at Girls on the run
Creating resiliency stones with girls and their families.

Soma had a blast at Girls on the Run Heart of Kansas 5k this past Sunday! Grateful to make resiliency stones with girls and their families and support this awesome cause. Resiliency stones are stones that remind us of mantras, hope, or positive things to place where we can see them throughout the day or week as a reminder. Girls on the Run is an organization that supports empowering young girls and teaching them skills not just with running, but also in building character and connection with other girls.

If you haven’t heard of this organization, I highly recommend that you look into them for your family or a family system you know with young girls. We are all #strongertogether.

Get connected with Soma Recovery:
Google Business Page:
Phone: (316) 201-6047
Address: 700 N Market St STE A
Wichita, KS 67214

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