You Deserve Healthy Love

Loving couple holding hands

We all deserve love. Yes, you too. Although many of us learn something different from early life experiences where we may not have received the love or safety we needed, romances gone wrong, or bc we don’t have that secure love foundation, and other various traumas — it’s still true.

When we believe we don’t deserve healthy, gracious love, we act in ways that confirm those beliefs: acting out with food (or insert addiction here), avoiding people, yo-yo dieting, lack of focus, insecurity in our jobs & relationships, hiding our gifts and talents, and not living up to our full potential.

Allow yourself to be loved. Whether or not you are worthy of it is not even a question. You simply are. Most of us act out in ways that are hurtful to ourselves or others bc we aren’t in touch with the fact that we are worthy of love — a horrible catch 22!

For those in which “love” was unsafe, process those emotions and learn what healthy love is so that you can feel safe with it again (not only for your relationships, but also for that wonderful loving relationship with yourself!). Love is never unsafe, and there are many sources in this world, in yourself, and in the higher power you believe in (what I call God).

With love, Jenny Helms

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